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Posted on 06-24-2015

Who wants to walk into their home and smell dog? If your home is starting to smell a little too much like Fido, you’ll want to banish the odors as quickly as possible. Try these suggestions from your veterinarian in Woodland Hills.

Groom Your Dog

Since your dog is the source of the odors you’re trying to get rid of, start there. Grooming your dog regularly can do wonders for cutting down on smells. Pick up a dog brush at a vet’s office or pet store and brush your dog’s fur every day—it will help remove loose hair that gets on your carpets and furniture, and it will spread skin oils through the coat to keep it moisturized and reduce shedding. The occasional bath can help, too; be sure to purchase a specially-formulated dog shampoo, though, as human shampoo might be too strong for your pooch’s skin.

Vacuum Carpets and Furniture

It’s no fun, but it’s necessary to keep odors to a minimum: vacuum your home regularly. This will pick up dead skin cells, loose hair, and other detritus that accumulates over time in your carpets and furniture. Some vacuum companies even make units designed to pick up pet hair and keep odors down. They’re especially helpful for pet owners with dogs who shed excessively.

Wash the Dog Bed

Your dog’s bed is likely a strong source of odors; after all, he spends a lot of time there. Don’t forget to toss the dog bed in the wash every once in a while. Once it’s dry, try sprinkling some baking soda on it before your dog lays back down. This can help absorb some residual odors.

Try Odor Neutralizers

Spraying air fresheners or perfumes can help mask scents, but it’s not really eliminating them. Try commercial odor neutralizers to truly banish pesky smells. Ask your vet for a recommendation, and see if your local outlets carry sprays specially formulated to get rid of pet smells.

Want more odor-control advice to keep your home smelling fresh? Give your veterinary clinic Woodland Hills a call today.

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