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Posted on 06-24-2015

Will there be a new furry family member joining your household soon? Bringing a new kitty home is a fun and exciting time, for both you and your new feline friend. Before you can bring your new kitty home, however, you’ve got to pick the one that suits you best. With so many adorable pets needing good homes, this can be quite a daunting task! One thing you may want to consider is how chatty your new furry buddy will be. Some people like talkative kitties, while other prefer silent furballs. In this article, your Woodland Hills vet lists a few of the chattiest cat breeds.


These outspoken kitties rank as one of the most vocal cat breeds. Siamese kitties have no qualms about expressing themselves. Lovable and opinionated, Siamese cats will tell you when they’re hungry, happy, sleepy, or sad, and might remind you to pick up the dry cleaning!


Another chatty cat, the Tonkinese loves to talk to their owners. These adorable furballs are full of personality. They’re also known for acting a bit like dogs: Tonkinese kitties often enjoy playing fetch, and like to greet their owners at the door.


Also known as the Rainbow Cat, the Oriental comes in over 300 variations of fur colors and patterns. The Oriental, like his cousin the Siamese, is quite loud for a little furball! These cuties are quite lovable, but don’t care to be left alone for too long. Oriental cats are known for voicing their opinions about anything and everything, and even seem to enjoy debating!

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are super cute. These fluffy kitties love to express themselves, but the meow is just one sound this talkative kitty can make. Maine Coons have very unique vocalizations. Your kitty might chirp, squeak, chatter, or make an adorable trilling noise. They’re also very responsive to being spoken to, so when you ask your feline friend how she’s doing, she’ll probably tell you!
Of course, when it comes to kitties and talking, breed is only one factor. Many mixed breed kitties are quite chatty, and sometimes kitties from talkative breeds aren’t as loud as one would expect.

Does your feline friend need shots or an examination? Call us now! As your Woodland Hills veterinary clinic, we are here to provide the best possible veterinary care.

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