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Posted on 06-24-2015

Will you be moving soon? Moving is a huge change and a massive undertaking. All that packing, cleaning, unpacking, and decorating can be quite exhausting! Moving can be difficult and very scary for our feline friends as well. Fluffy won’t understand what is happening: she’ll only know that her world is in a state of chaos. Below, a Woodland Hills veterinarian offers advice on moving with cats.


It’s no secret that kitties are obsessed with boxes. When packing, keep a close eye on your furball. The last thing you want is for Fluffy to hop into a box of tools or cutlery! You also don’t want to take the chance of your furball burrowing into a box of blankets or pillows and getting accidentally sealed in!

Moving Time

When the movers arrive, put your cat in a bathroom or laundry room, so she won’t be underfoot as movers come in and out. Don’t let her roam around during the actual move: it’s much too easy for a frightened feline to bolt through an open door! When you arrive at your new residence, start your kitty out in one room. Get Fluffy settled in with a kitty bed, toys, food, and litterbox, and give her time to adjust before letting her explore her new home.

The Trip

Riding in cars or airplanes are not generally Fluffy’s favorite activities. While some kitties don’t mind car rides, others are absolutely terrified by them. Always transport your cat in a secure carrier: it’s very dangerous to let a kitty roam loose in a car. It may be worth your while to sedate your furball for the journey, so don’t hesitate to ask your vet for help.

Letting Fluffy Outdoors

We strongly recommend keeping cats indoors. It’s very easy for a little furball to get lost in a strange neighborhood. Kitties that go outdoors are in danger from cars, predators, toxic chemicals, poisonous plants, and, sadly, some people. Fluffy will be much safer inside!


Remember to update your microchip records with your new address, and keep copies of Kitty’s medical records with you. Before relocating, see if anyone you know can recommend a vet in your new area. Your vet may be able to recommend a colleague.

Do you have questions about your feline friend’s health, care, or behavior? Please feel free to contact us, your local Woodland Hills veterinary clinic, anytime!

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