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Posted on 06-24-2015

Your ten-year-old cat Ruby still has considerable spunk and sassiness. She lives for her daily playtime sessions, batting her cat toys and scrabbling in her favorite paper bag. She also keeps your two younger cats in line without lifting a dainty paw. You’d like Ruby to continue her active life, so your Woodland Hills veterinarian will give your feisty girl regular medical checkups. She’ll also design a tailored health program for your fortunate feline.

Tasty, Nutritious Senior Diet

Each senior cat’s metabolism, and their weight, can differ dramatically. While Ruby has picked up several pounds since she’s slowed down, your sister’s aging cat has clearly dropped some weight. Since the vet wants your cat to return to a more desirable figure, she’ll conduct a thorough nutritional evaluation of your portly feline. She’ll analyze her body’s needs and daily activities, and she’ll recommend a tasty, nutritionally sound diet.

Follow your cat’s weight daily, using a scale that shows even tiny changes. If the number suddenly decreases, she might be developing a medical condition. Get her to the vet quickly.

Beneficial Brushing Sessions

Ruby still insists on keeping each hair in place. While she grooms herself often, she has also asked for soothing daily brushings. That’s fine with you, since brushing collects loose hair that might otherwise form hairballs. Brushing also stimulates her skin and heightens her circulation. Both benefits help improve your cat’s coat health. If your feline has turned her back on the scratching post, clip her claws regularly.

Stealth Mini-Physical Exam

Your cat doesn’t realize that along with each brushing session, she receives a secret physical exam. Move your hands over Ruby’s coat and skin, seeking anything out of the ordinary. If you find something, follow up with your vet immediately.

Minimal Stress, Please

Ruby has earned a minimum-stress lifestyle. If you absolutely must uproot her routine, compensate with lots of extra attention. Before an upcoming vacation or business trip, ask a familiar friend, neighbor, or relative to pamper your cat in their home. Finally, don’t bring any more pets home while your senior diva runs the show.

Your Woodland Hills veterinarian will give your lucky cat twice-yearly exams, giving her the chance to tweak her health program and find emerging medical problems. If your cat would enjoy having a tailored senior care plan, call us for expert assistance.

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