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I take all three of my girls to this vet because I trust Dr. Linson to give the very best care. I came across this clinic because I saw an ad for $1 for the first exam and have them a try. A regular exam costs $60 so this deal was a no brainer.

I brought my shepherd puppy in for her very first exam after I adopted her. She was (and still is) extremely shy & nervous. The nurses and Dr. Linson got on the floor with my puppy, treats in hand and patiently did everything possible to win her over and get her to calm down as she was attached to my leg!

I’ve called and spoken to the receptionists on numerous occasions to get advice and ask questions. Each time, the ladies on the phone were very helpful, even giving me a call back a few days later or after an appointment to check in and ask how my animals are doing.

Each person at this vets office truly cares about their furry patients and go above and beyond to make everyone feel safe and comfortable.

Lauren L.


Dr Linson is great. She won’t do or order unnecessary things like so many other vets do to pad the bill. I like the holistic approach and they clearly love all their pets and clients.
Philippa V.


I decided to take my dog to Woodland Hills Pet Clinic based on positive Yelp reviews. I am so thankful I did! Dr. April Linson and her staff are amazing. They are thoughtful, caring and thorough, and their approach is holistic. We brought our dog to Dr. April to have her look at a couple of lumps that we were concerned about. A previous vet we saw told us that they were just “typical cysts, nothing to worry about”. Because of the location of the lumps, Dr. April recommended laser surgery to remove them. Thankfully we followed Dr. April’s recommendation and had them removed. One in her mammary area turned out to have aggressively invaded surrounding tissue. During surgery, Dr. Linson carefully removed all of the affected tissue. The biopsy showed that it was not cancer, which was an incredible relief. The lump and affected surrounding tissue definitely needed to be removed, as it would have continued to spread. The surgery went very well, the incisions are now healed and our little poodle mix is now back to her normal self. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Linson and would never consider taking my dog to any other vet. Also, their keep their offices and wait room very clean and their pricing is reasonable. They truly care about their pet patients and people clients.
Margo W.


I came here to take advantage of the $1 first visit check up and have now found the vet im going to stick with. Dr. April answered all my questions and asked over hereshein phone casesphone case stickerspixel 6 phone case multiple times if i had any other questions which of course reminded me of more questions i had. She even asked about potty training and her temperament. The level of care and service my dog and i have received is what i have been looking for in a vet.
Saietah M.


This place is amazing! I took my two dogs here and everyone was amazing. Dr Miller, along with all of her nurses and office workers, was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable and at home. They explained all of the costs before they did everything and double checked with us before they did anything. They also asked our opinion on what type of treatment we wanted to do based on our tastes and budget. We’ll definitely be back.
Andrew M.


When my regular vet moved to Asia, I was in despair. I’ve been to a great many vets in the San Fernando Valley, but never felt truly comfortable with any but that one.
Finding Dr. Miller at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic was nothing short of miraculous. She understands and respects my animals, and me too. I feel like we are all on the same team with regard to keeping my animals healthy and happy.
All the staff are caring and kind as well. And they know me when I walk in the door, even if I am not expected.
I highly recommend the clinic to anyone, especially anyone who has ever been treated like you are just a “dumb owner”.
Teresa W.


So glad we found this place! Relaxed, nice atmosphere, everyone was sweet & accommodating & they took care of my poor little Mishka when she suddenly got sick (arthritis/pinched nerve). They are honest & do not try to use scare tactics to upsell you on services or meds like so many vets unfortunately do, they believe in more natural & holistic remedies and they really take their time and give you great tips & advice. And the place is very nice & clean too- I’m a very happy customer. Although hopefully we will not be back too soon, we will be coming here from now on
Alice S.


Dr. Linsen is the absolute best. I would kill for the level of care my dog receives there. He seemed kind of hesitant to begin with, so they broke out some treats. The vet tech asked tons of questions about him. When Dr. Linsen came in, she sat down on the floor with my dog, and spent over 30 minutes just talking to him and getting to know us. He didn’t cry hysterically when she took him back to get his shots. He ended up hurting his back about 2 months after his apt. We called them, gave a list of his symptoms, and she got him an immediate apt. The office called numerous times after his apt to see how his meds were doing and how he was feeling. They send you a full report card after every visit. I feel very comfortable having my little dog go there.
Amanda J.


I’ve been taking my 3 dogs and 3 cats to Dr Linson for a few years now and am extremely happy with her and the staff there. They care a lot about their patients, are realistic about the issues and costs and provide excellent communication. I’ve had many different situations with the various animals ranging from inoperable cancer to wellness/vaccine visits and everything in between and Dr Linson and her staff have always shown us complete respect and concern for the situation, the animal and me.
Suzanne J.


My first visit here with my cat Sophia. What an amazing experience! I was amazed how caring and supportive Dr Linden and team were. From the moment you walk through the door the professionalism and kindness is priceless! Can’t thank you enough for your kindness! 100% recommendation!!
Cathy C.


I took my dog here for a first visit. I was impressed with the folks here and most importantly, so was my shy little dog. The front staff was very friendly and the doctor was amazing.
Jason M.


I am in love with our new vet, Dr.. Alana Miller of Woodland Hills Pet Clinic!! Honest, knowledgeable & didn’t recommend unnecessary procedures. She is very prudent in her treatment recommendations.
And, my dog was sooooo comfortable in the office!!
Joy Z.


I just had the most lovely experience at this vet. I’m a long time pet owner of everything from dogs to horses and various rodents. One of my passions is fund-raising for animal rescues. My appointment was on time, I was not kept waiting even a minute. I was terrified that the front office staff was going to be horrible after I read some of these reviews, but I have to say they confirmed my appointment the day before, and were very polite and extremely friendly and pleasant. The vet tech who saw me first could not have been lovelier. They treated me and my dog with such respect and really took a lot of time to explain the growth on my dog. I was terrified about her potential condition walking in but they were extremely professional and understanding. They did not try to sell me on extra tests and procedures. What a super refreshing experience after my typical vet experience!
Maggie I.


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