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Since 2007, Woodland Hills Pet Clinic has been providing for the health care needs of dogs and cats in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas, CA communities. We have worked hard to assemble a dedicated team that is both highly skilled and also passionate about improving the lives of pets. Our patients give us unconditional love and we want to give back by helping them to live happy, healthy lives with their families.

At Woodland Hills Pet Clinic in Woodland Hills, CA, our passion and commitment to be the best we can be are evident in everything we do. We are crazy about animals and consider it a true honor to be able to work with these precious creatures each and every day. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing a pet owner fall in love with their new puppy or kitten; witnessing a rescued animal flourish in the love and support of their new family; or watching as those pets that were once nervous about visiting the vet bound into our office, excited to see us and have a few treats.

It’s especially important to us that our patients feel comfortable and at ease when visiting with us. That’s because we believe that the more relaxed your pet is, the better you will feel and the more positive the experience will be for everyone. We place non-slip mats on our floors and tables and use low-stress handling techniques to minimize fear and anxiety. Belly rubs, ear massages, and delicious treats are something that there’s always plenty of at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic. Whatever it takes, we’re prepared to go that extra mile.

We work hard to make the exam room experience something that is thorough, yet pleasant for both people and animals alike. We believe that good medicine continuedhop over to hereelfbar 5000 cannot be rushed but requires time and patience. That’s why pets are allowed plenty of time to become accustomed to their surroundings while their owners are free to ask any questions that may be weighing on their minds. We want you both to feel as though you are our most valued asset because you are!

To accomplish our mission, the team at Woodland Hills Pet Clinic is committed to:

  • Recognizing the bond you share with your companion and the importance of these animals in your family
  • Providing a welcoming and soothing environment for our patients and their families
  • Timely, precise communication to families with patients in our care regarding diagnostic testing, medical updates, recommended preventative care, estimates for procedures and written go-home instructions to minimize confusion regarding home care or recommendations
  • Utilizing Western and Chinese/Eastern veterinary medical techniques including preventative care, internal medicine, laser surgery, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, reiki and craniosacral therapies – all in the interest of offering the best possible care to our four-legged friends.
  • Innovative pain management and nonsurgical intervention for some musculoskeletal disorders and wound healing including MLS laser therapy, massage, aquapuncture and electroacupuncture.
  • Continuing education for all of our team to stay current on the latest therapeutic options
  • Extending tenderness and understanding to our patients and their families

Our Goals

– Personalized, compassionate, & integrated care
– Service oriented
– Relationship driven
How we meet our mission and your needs:
Do you have to be at work and can’t make a mid-day appointment? We offer drop-off appointments that allow you to take care of your business while we care for your pets.

Is your companion afraid when going to the vet? We can help! We practice low-stress handling techniques and our staff is trained in many ways to reduce anxiety for your pet. We don’t start with an exam. We start with a welcome and a conversation about your companion’s history and your concerns first. We give your friend some time to relax in this new environment and investigate. There’s also a generous sharing of treats involved!

Do you want to understand what is going on with your pet as completely as possible? We provide customized notes as well as a copy of your pet’s exam report card to give you details of your visit. But we don’t stop there! We will provide you with information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis as well as diagnostic testing options for any condition. We spend the time to make sure you are able to make informed decisions regarding your companion’s care. If your pet needs help that a board-certified specialist, trainer or other resources would be better suited to provide, we will help you find the appropriate professional for your needs. We have an extensive resource list of trusted professionals.

Concerned about nutrition and feeding your best friend the highest quality food? Want to understand more about nutrition and its impact on health and longevity? We are here to provide some relief from that overwhelmed feeling an internet search or visit to the pet store can cause. We want to be your source for nutritional information for your best friend!

We are dedicated to providing excellent care.


5348 Topanga Canyon Blvd #108
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
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Monday - Friday 8:00-6:00 pm


Call/Text: (818) 222-7387
Fax: (818) 222-7429

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