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Posted on 06-24-2015

Your tabby cat Max is quite the feline prankster. You weren’t amused when your imposing feline housemate stole several socks from the clean laundry, making you go on a scavenger hunt to find them. You sympathized with your dog when this nervy cat scarfed a mouthful of your pooch’s kibbles, right under his nose. However, you’re downright infuriated at Max’s latest trick. For two days, your cat has been spraying your carpet, walls, and furniture with stinky urine. Since he shows no signs of stopping, you’re taking this feline delinquent to your Woodland Hills vet for much-needed behavioral counseling.

Powerful Sex Hormones

Unfortunately, Max has fallen under the powerful spell cast by feline sex hormones. Since he has indicated his desire to rule your household, he’s quickly marking his territory to cement that claim. If he hasn’t been neutered, make that appointment immediately. Afterward, his rampant hormones and his spraying urge should gradually decrease. Also, remember that female cats can actually do their share of soaking down your house. Head off that problem by making sure little Daisy has been spayed.

Stinky Cat Urine Odor

You absolutely hate watching your spraying-obsessed cat saturate your house with smelly feline urine. Even worse, you’ve twice returned home to find the premises reeking of freshly spewed urine; but you couldn’t find the source without considerable detective work. Fortunately, a powerful enzymatic cleaner can mostly banish the horrible odor; however, you’ll likely need several applications.

Now, it’s time for some good news. After the nasty urine stench evaporates from Max’s previously sprayed surfaces, he probably won’t soak them again. Ask your vet if spritzing those objects with a feline pheromone will tempt your cat to switch to the face-rubbing method of claiming his territory.

Mental and Physical Diversions

Provide your goal-directed cat with several more constructive activities. Ply him with tempting treat puzzles and mind-challenging cat toys. Engage him with a laser wand he can chase around the room until he tires himself out. Although you think Max deserves punishment for his antics, you probably shouldn’t irritate him further. You don’t want your vengeful cat to spray down your bedroom next.

After your Woodland Hills vet resolves Max’s unacceptable spraying behavior, you can begin to reclaim your home. If your cat seems fixated on soaking your house with urine, contact us for expert assistance.

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